March Update

The charity I will be donating to this month is Make-A-Wish! They grant wishes to children and youth who have a critical illness. The wishes they receive range from trips to Disneyland, to room redecorations. While I was in the hospital, I was granted a wish. At first, it was to travel to Paris and take pictures of tons of historical sites. I remember a specific moment when I was about to be put under an anesthesia for a lumbar puncture, and I was panicking. The one thing that calmed me down was thinking about that trip, and what I wanted to do on it. It kept me going throughout treatment, and was something I could look forwards to. Because of Covid, it had to be changed, and I decided on some professional photography gear. Going forward, all of my new photos will have been taken using it and I am very excited to post them!

I want to raise money for Make-A-Wish because of the hope they provide kids of a brighter future. When you are in treatment for an illness, whether it be cancer or not, the days can feel bleak. Make-A-Wish proves that there is something good to look forward to, and provides a light in the darkness.

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